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To create a photograph without a camera is called a photogram, and some of the first photographs ever created were also made using this technique. The process involves placing opaque or translucent objects directly on to photographic paper and exposing it to white light. Once the exposure has taken place the paper is submerged into a series of chemical baths and the image is fixed inside the emulsion and remains permanent.


The photograms are made using Ilford RC Photographic Paper (190gsm) and processed by hand in a darkroom.


All photograms are 190mm x 190mm.


The photograms have been mounted between 1 sheet of clear and 1 sheet of black Perspex that have been fixed together by 4 rivets in each corner. No adhesive has been used to hold these photograms in place due to the strength of the rivets. Each sheet of Perspex is 6mm thick and the edges of each piece have been polished.

Hanging device

Although the frames could sit on a shelf or mantle, they are only 12mm thick and are best suited to be hung on the wall. The Perspex frames are fitted with an acrylic hanger on the back, which is suitable for either a picture hook or screw. The hanger is 6mm thick.


The photograms are packaged in a medium weight black cardboard box especially designed to hold the artwork. There is a sheet of foam at the back to protect the hanger.


Due to the nature of the individual products, it will take 3 weeks to complete the order.
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